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Due to the inscrutable politics and byzantine succession law of felines you have been named the newest Prince of Cats, sovereign ruler of every house cat in all the spheres. Your life hasn’t changed much since this shocking turn of events (new feline entourage notwithstanding) as it turns out the Prince of Cats is a mostly symbolic role with no formal power - especially over the house cats themselves. Any attempt to exercise your royal prerogative is met with impassioned speeches of the glorious revolution that threw off the shackles of monarchist tyranny, but this whole rigmarole can usually be avoided with the liberal application of tuna.

The PRINCE OF CATS is a background for Troika! Numinous Edition made for the Troika Backgrounds Jam. Play as the largely powerless monarch of cats and attempt to command your many apathetic subjects!

The PRINCE OF CATS background is an independent production of Simple Goblin Games and is not affiliated with the Melasonian Arts Council.


Background Jam - Prince of Cats.pdf 1 MB

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